Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jefferson City National Cemetery

Came across these pictures from a couple years ago when I was organizing my hard drive. I thought you would all enjoy how GREEN it is after the coldest, grayest, muddiest winter in recent memory.

From the websiteBurials in Jefferson City National Cemetery date to summer 1861; its original purpose was for the burial of Civil War soldiers from the surrounding area. The site of the cemetery, which local residents Israel and Mary Read sold to the government, was surveyed for classification as a national cemetery during the war. However, its official designation did not occur until 1867, after the war and approximately 350 interments were completed.

 A big storm had just been through Jefferson City. This damage was caused by lightening!

Jefferson City National Cemetery is located  at 1024 E McCarty St in Jefferson City, MO. The cemetery is maintained by Jefferson Barracks in St Louis. More information about Civil War Era National Cemeteries can be found on the National Park Service website.

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