I'm Beth, and these are my adventures! Craves, Caves, & Graves is inspired by the best parts of Missouri: unique restaurants, stunning show caves, and rich history. More than anything I like finding the hidden and the unusual, and I love hearing people say, "I never knew that was there!"

Most of my travel is with my husband, Francis, who also frequently serves as photographer. Sometimes we are still joined by the group of friends who helped me start this blog, usually referred to as the CC&G Posse/Krewe (thanks, Todd). We usually take day or weekend trips from St Louis to various points in Missouri and Illinois, although occasionally we travel to distant lands (look for Thailand and Iraq on the map!) We also LOVE Disney Parks and you can find a tab on the menu above that will take you to all our Disney posts.


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  2. Sorry about the above.
    I was trying to suggest you visit Tower Rock Conservation Area, near Perryville, MO. I think it may fit your requirements above.
    If you do visit and enjoy, let me know.
    BTW, John G., out in Hawaii, recommended I check out your blog.

  3. Beth - Just discovered this Missouri Digital History website I'm sure you'll be interested if you haven't already seen it. Sorry if browsing the site takes up weeks and weeks of your life as I"m sure it will for me ...;-)



    1. Oh man, that's even more dangerous for Francis. He's working on a lecture for STL250 about his photo blends!