Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bass Pro Shops

A post about a Bass Pro might seem strange, but if you haven't made your way to the Granddaddy of All Outdoor Stores in Springfield, MO, you are missing out on something glorious. It is the very first Bass Pro Shop and currently sprawls over nearly 500,000 square feet of floor space, and it's still expanding.

This beauty greets you upon entering the store. A gigantic statue of a Buck six times larger than the real thing.

Various taxidermy are all around the store. From Elk to bears.

Plenty of live animals as well. This Bass Pro shop boasts large fish tanks, ducks and turtles that any visitor will find fascinating. 

It's not just animals and taxidermy though. There is still plenty of room for all the outdoor necessities. There is a large fishing boat showroom and plenty of racks of rods and reels. But even if you don't want to get on the river, there's no reason you can't go home with a fish of some kind.

More recently, the National Rifle Association has opened a Sporting Arms museum near the rifle and ammunition area. Here you'll find a walk through the history of the firearm, from percussion and wheel lock rifles to modern sporting guns.

Photography inside is permitted for personal use only, so I'll save you a reason to head to Springfield. However, inside the museum you'll find one of the revolvers used by Jesse James and movie prop rifles, specifically from the 1990 Tom Selleck movie Quigley Down Under.

On the back half of the rifle museum, you'll find the archery hall of fame which includes one of the bows used by the famous Apache warrior Geronimo.

The store is half shopping experience and half museum visit. The walls are adorned with paintings from various wildlife enthusiasts and there are plenty of conservation demonstrations to be experienced throughout the year. You can easily spend an hour perusing the store without spending a dime and still have a reason to go back.

The store is open from 10am to 7pm daily and still building expansions.

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