Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Le Grange de Terre (Big Mound) Memorial

Years and years ago, I posted about the monument to Big Mound on North Broadway in St Louis, MO. At the time, we lamented the lack of plaque identifying the monument, and wondered if it had been forgotten. I am happy to report that the Big Mound rock has a new home and is part of a much greater project!

When out looking for the Le Grange de Terre (Big Mound) Memorial cake last week, first I pulled up to the old site and had a heart attack, because it is just a pile of bricks with no big rock. Then I kind of recalled that it had been moved for some reason having to do with the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, and the archaeology project I mentioned in that post from 2010. I backtracked to Mound Street, which you see in the first picture, and lo, a new home for Le Grange de Terre Memorial!

The Mounds Heritage Trail will eventually connect Sugar Loaf Mound in St Louis to the Cahokia Mounds Interpretive Center in Illinois, traveling through various urban & rural points of interest including former mound sites in St Louis and East St Louis. I gathered these details from various news articles from the past 3 years, so if anyone knows of one comprehensive link to trail plans, I would be happy to link to it here!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

STL250 Cakeway to the West, Part 1

Have you seen the STL250 Cakeway to the West art installation popping up all over St Louis? It's St Louis's 250th birthday in 2014, and we're celebrating all year long! There's a cake right down the street from my house, at the Carondelet Historical Society, which is in the old Des Peres School, where Susan Blow started the very first kindergarten in the United States. Our house is on the old Blow farm. 

Carondelet Historical Society
Carondelet Park
If you have known me for any length of time, you know I am obsessed with lists and collecting, especially a list I can cross off by collecting things. As of this typing there are 212 cakes, and you can find a current and printable list at stl250.org. I'm determined that this blog will showcase all the cakes by the end of the year.

Peabody Opera House
Lewis & Clark Boat House & Nature Center

Magic House 
Mastodon State Historic Site
Saint Rose Philippine Duschene
Old Post Office

Check back monthly to chart my cake hunting progress!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Scenes From City Garden

Inspired by others' 12 month landscape projects on Instagram, I decided to take on a 12 month project of my own for 2014. I didn't want to take 12 pictures of the same thing, but I wanted it to be something I really love about St Louis, and City Garden fits the bill. I love downtown St Louis, and I love that this sculpture park exists in the middle of high rises, and I love how the food trucks gather here at lunch time, encouraging people to come out of their offices. So I will be "bumping" this post to the top every month with a new feature on a City Garden Sculpture.

January - Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels by Jim Dine
March -  Untitled (Two Rabbits) by Tom Classen

STL250 Cakeway to the West Cake by Rich Brooks and Aesop's Fables by Mark di Suvero
The other reason I chose City Garden is because this project will be replacing a post I did a few years ago that may have been my only post in the history of this site about something that I didn't like. And even though I mentioned that the event was not what I hoped it would be, I turned it into a positive and talked about City Garden instead. The head of the company that runs the event I mentioned emailed me a long time ago with the worst non-apology I've ever received, asking me to remove my post simply because it hurt their Google search results. I refused out of spite.

When I was brainstorming locations for this 12 month project, I thought about that post, and how truly blessed I was to have such great adventures in 2013, and I want my "Google street cred", as he called it, to be 100% about fun things to do. I hope that my readers will always trust that if I take the time to post about something, it will be because I loved it and I had fun, not because anyone asked me to write about it (or not write about it). Here's to 2014 being filled with the best sort of adventures!