Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's Good

Welcome to my new Thursday feature of stuff that is awesome. Sometimes I see things that I just have to stop and appreciate, and I want to share them, but there isn't much to say besides, "Isn't this cool?" Since I have been competing with my friends on Fitbit, I've been making an effort to get lunch downtown so I can do a couple laps, and I've realized how little time I spend in "real" downtown. We have some really amazing buildings.

PS: Have you decided which fish fry you are going to tomorrow?


  1. that is the chemical building if I remember the name correctly. It is a Chicago-style building. It is a pretty cool building. I believe it is mostly vacant at the moment, makes me kind of sad. There are lots of cool buildings. Let me know sometime and maybe I could meet you somewhere for a sandwich or something. I usually bring my lunch and am usually alone in office most days so I would love an occasional lunch time conversation.
    P.S. I usually walk to the St. Gabriel's fish fry. It is pretty good and they usually pass out free beer while waiting in line and it is only a few blocks from my house.

    1. FREE beer? Look out!

      The next couple weeks are going to be of the "I don't know when/if I'll get to eat" but the next lull that hits, I'll message you!

  2. We're going to Saint Peter's in Kirkwood. Our group leader E-Mailt the guy in charge for some information, apparently, and he replied like HOW MANY ARE COMING? I WILL SET UP A VIP SECTION JUST FOR YOU.