Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jefferson Barracks: Old Ordnance Room

Francis here with another military related post for all you CCG lovers. 

Jefferson Barracks park is chock full of St. Louis and military history. The first place we brought you was the brand new Civil War museum located in the old gym. Today we talk about the Old Ordnance Museum. 

Built in 1851, it was one of two powder magazines erected at Jeff Barracks. These buildings were used to house gun powder and arms, it is now used for special exhibitions relating to the military history of the park, mostly specializing in naval displays.

Small cannons greet you as you walk into the area.

A Blue Star Memorial By-Way, an expansion of the Blue Star Memorial Highways which are marked to pay tribute to American military forces.

It wouldn't be an Ordnance museum without some ordnance.

Museums like this have always been my favorite. A museum ran by people who aren't necessarily professional curators, but have enough love for the subject to do it anyway. Much like the Civil War museum, many of the exhibits are donations from locals with some military history passed down through the family.

A lot of inert and dummy rounds have found their way to the museum.
The many ways to put large holes in things.

Old Navy sheet music. It's not the Village People, but still catchy!

The Old Ordnance Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to four, and has free admission, though donations are gladly accepted. Once the other Powder Magazine building is finished getting some renovations, we'll get around to it as well. Until then, you can still get to Jefferson Barracks and enjoy their many other museums.

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