Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missouri Civil War Museum

Francis here with another blog. This week we are covering the newly opened Civil War Museum in Jefferson Barracks, and since I am the resident Soldier, Beth asked me to take care of this one.

The museum opened at the end of June this year, and there is still plenty of room for the museum to grow. If you happen to have some Civil War relics laying around, they would love a donation.

This museum focuses on the part Missouri played in the war. The self guided history tour starts well before the civil war with the Missouri Compromise and takes you through the part our city and state played in the fighting. There are artifacts from Missouri all over the museum, and if there is one thing this state loves, it's the Civil War.

The museum is built inside of the old gymnasium and Post Exchange (on base shopping for you civilians) building of Jefferson Barracks which date back to early 1900s. Most of the original buildings on the base have been repurposed for educational uses. There are two other museums and plenty of old houses on the base you can peruse, and a map can be obtained at the Visitor's Center.

If you look closely at this Reserve Soldier muster roll, you'll find a Private Anheuser and 1st. Sgt. Lemp in St. Louis. Reserve Soldiers were not full time and were only called up when needed.

The museum features a large collection of medical devices and surgical equipment.

These are trepanning utensils, which are used to release pressure on the brain by knocking a hole in the patient's skull. And you thought it was just limb sawing and dysentery!

Many of the projectiles in the museum were dug up around Jefferson Barracks in recent years. The base has an old ordinance building, so there are plenty of artifacts still around waiting to be discovered.

I had to include this pistol as well because of it's rarity. It's the only foreign gun used by American Soldiers during the Civil War.

The Civil War museum is open daily from 9-5 and located in the southern area of Jefferson Barracks. Entry costs seven dollars (Or free if you happen to be military) and they have much more to add to the museum. 


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