Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mysterious Barge Cargo

We had some time to kill in Alton, so we drove to Grafton, because the Great River Road is always a pleasant and interesting drive, and Grafton is a good spot to stop or turn around. We spotted this on the way up and Francis was ready with the camera as we drove back to Alton. I really am in awe of this camera that can take pictures like this from a car going 50 mph.

We attempted to solve the mystery by posting it to reddit, which was really fascinating for me. I have above average spacial reasoning skills, which is probably how I ended up staring at blueprints all day long. Here before me is essentially how everyone else answers the question "Which of these two dimensional shapes can be folded into this three dimensional shape?" or "Can square A fit inside circle B?" I feel like I now have the answer to the nagging question, "Why are there so many stupid add-on closets in my house?"  and that is, "Because Ed had no Tetris skills."

Anyway, what is this thing?

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  1. Well whatever they are, they aren't a secret! I was going to say rocket nozzles but they are not really shaped appropriately for that. What the heck are those things???