Tuesday, September 30, 2014

National Mall: Air and Space Museum Pt. 1

The National Mall in Washington DC is a perfect place to spend a day on the East Coast. Not only are you able to visit monuments dedicated to presidents, soldiers and other assorted American heroes, but you can also extend your favorite rude gesture toward Congress.

The Mall is also home to most of the Smithsonian Museums, many of which I was able to visit. The first place I sent for was the National Air and Space Museum because childhood dreams of airplanes and rockets needed to be realized.

Yeah, it starts kinda weird...
The museum is split in half, one side dedicated to the history of flight and the other to space. Walking in, you'll see all manner of airplanes suspended from the ceiling. They have everything from single engine airplanes to parts of massive passenger jets. It's a quick look at the history of avionics.

Even freedom delivery devices

The layout of the museum guides you through different eras of flight, from commercial plane to military.

As always, Disney manages to find its way into everything!

War planes throughout the ages are showcased. The above photo is taken in a replication of an American aircraft carrier and gives examples of many of the airplanes we've flung off ships at sea.

In 1911, Eugene Ely landed an airplane on the USS Pennsylvania, anchored in the San Francisco harbor. Only a few years after the first flight, and already we were marrying air and sea.

Not quite the Red Baron. A German Fokker airplane used in WWI. 

Not a replication. This is the original glider used by the Wright Brothers.

Entry into the museum is free, though the hours vary depending on the day. I would suggest you take at least half a day to appreciate this museum. 

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