Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ft. Leonard Wood Museums: The Military Police

In our final installment of the Fort Leonard Wood Museums, we cover the Military Police museum. When we were there, it seemed like either the museum was being expanded or wasn't finished. Regardless, there were still plenty of displays and artifacts on the same level as the Chemical and Engineering museums.

The military police have been around since the Revolutionary War, providing expertise in law enforcement, detainee operations and area security. The MP Corps trace their roots to Gen. George Washington requesting a provost marshall to deal with discipline issues within the ranks of the newly formed American military.

The Military Police aren't just relegated to busting speeders on Army Posts (regardless of how much we Soldiers complain about them). During the Civil War, the Military Police kept Union garrison posts safe while other units served on the front lines.

While in America, the MP Corps function much like civilian police. Some are trained to arrest and process criminals, perform crime scene processing and react to emergency calls.

While deployed, MPs set up and run checkpoints for vehicles or personnel, perform detainee operations and do foot patrols outside of the base.

An MP from St. Louis launching a small Unmanned Ariel Vehicle know as a "Raven"

The insignia of the MP Corps adopted in 1922 are the crossed Harpers Ferry 1805 pistols. They were the first guns manufactures by an American national armory, and were the Army standard for years. 

Women in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps were serving as Military Police during WWII to police female Soldiers, but held jurisdiction over both the men and women serving.

Like the Chemical Corps and Engineer Corps museums, the MP museum is located in the same building and is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday on Fort. Leonard Wood. You'll need a valid photo to get on the base, and if you need directions, ask the friendly MP at the guard house when you reach the front gate!

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