Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lindenwood University Cemetery

 I stumbled across this little cemetery by accident after photographing the Lindenwood University STL250 Cake. I started writing this on a dark and stormy night, but that leading sentence really didn't go very well with the beautiful blue sky and early spring hints of green.

 Lindenwood University was founded in 1821 by Mary and Charles Silbey, as Linden Wood School for Girls on the grounds of their property. It was called Linden Wood because of the numerous linden trees.

The cemetery is just the family cemetery, from when the grounds were family land. It was surprising to see this as I drove past the athletic field, but I'm glad that they never moved the cemetery. I am not all that familiar with Lindenwood University, myself, but I've always got a "tightknit" vibe from the alumni, so it seems very nice and respectful that the founders are still there.

Still there in spirit, too, according to some. There are many stories from people who say they have seen Mary Silbey playing the organ in Silbey Chapel, or pacing the top floor of Silbey Hall. From the stories in this St Louis Post-Dispatch article, it seems like a traditional ghost story that the faculty and students enjoy and consider friendly, like a guardian angel.

 One thing I found to be very curious is this little section of dogs off to the side. They all seem to be of the same era, but I couldn't find anything about them online. If any current or former faculty or students know about the dogs, or have other stories to share, we'd love to hear them!

Lindenwood University is located at 209 South Kingshighway in St Charles, MO. Neither here nor there: Wayne Newton will be performing there on May 17.


  1. Lin Roemer was owned by Rev Dr. Roemer a president of Lindenwood. "Devoted Dog Friend of Dr. & Mrs. J.L. Roemer."

  2. https://lindenlink.com/161962/news/lindenwood-then-and-now-who-is-buried-in-sibley-cemetery/