Thursday, February 27, 2014

Union Trust Building

Here is one of those amazing moments of zen that illustrates why I write this blog. A couple weeks ago, having found myself without a Thursday blog again, I think, "Maybe I can just find something on my lunch break that I can put up." I go to Pickles Deli, because they have an amazing corned beef reuben, and I take a picture of this clock that hangs over their door. I love downtown building clocks. More than anything else they represent the heyday of "downtown" to me, when there were way more people working and shopping downtown. In the background you can see the old Railway Exchange building, which was the May Department Stores/Macy's building for a number of years and is now the home of T-Rex, among others.

As I'm waiting for my food, I Google 705 Olive Street Office Building and discover that I have never looked UP at this building from the Olive side. I always park on 7th or Locust and walk over. So I am sitting there, waiting for my sandwich, looking at a picture of the building I am in on Built St Louis, jaw on the floor. How have I never noticed how amazing this building is? Even more amazing, this is a Louis Sullivan design, and all we ever hear about is the Wainwright Building and Wainwright Mausoleum.

So I run outside and put my sandwich in my purse and my tea on the ground to take pictures of this amazing building, and they suck. Unpublishable. So I set this aside for a week, and in the meantime I read B.E.L.T.'s blog about this building, and how you can get a better look at the lions from the parking garage across the street. A week later I find myself walking towards Pickles again, and detour to the parking garage. If you follow me on Instagram, leaning over the wall on level 9 is where I was when I said that I felt like my guts were inside out. But I did it! I got this awesome picture. And this is why I have a blog.

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  1. A similar building we just finished renovating into apartments in Minneapolis: