Thursday, October 17, 2013

St Louis Brain Sandwich

A few weeks ago, I had offered up a food challenge on Facebook: If I got to 650 fans, I would eat brains. Well, the kitchen at the bar near our house that serves brain sandwiches on Tuesdays (Highlights) closed at 7 on our first attempt, and then some other stuff came up, and now suddenly we are almost to 850 fans! When we passed up 800 yesterday, I told Francis that we needed to make good on the brains, so we headed to Schottzies.

Fried Brain Sandwiches became popular in St Louis in the late 19th century, when we still had a lot of stockyards. These days there are only a handful of restaurants that still serve them, and I wasn't able to find any place other than Schottzies that still has them as a regular menu item. As you can see, we went a little nuts on this tavern food bender, and also had to try the tavern eggs (wrapped in sausage and deep fried), broccoli cheese bites, and onion rings. The brains of a brain sandwich are sliced thin and battered, like a country fried steak, and then served on toast with onion & mustard. I like hot head cheese, so I actually found brains to be pretty bland, and in need of hot sauce. Next time I will put some Sriratcha in my purse!

If you're not already a fan of ours on Facebook, give us a "like"! 1,000 likes by Christmas and we'll visit the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO! I joke about this (I am not a Precious Moments fan) but there's a lot of neat stuff too do in Carthage, and I bet the Chapel is really something at Christmas.


  1. They call those "Scotch Eggs" at the Scottish Arms. I had never seen them elsewhere. I had a Schottzie's Brainwich back when they had a Schottzie's in Maplewood (now that spot is home to THE POST). But mostly I came to comment to ask, where did you get that first picture? It's incredible! Part of me wonders if the painted BRAINS sign is still visible (if almost certainly rather faded).

    1. The first picture is one of the postcards from our wedding reception! I think we picked it up from the History Museum. Also, I always thought scotch eggs are wrapped in bacon. The Wicked Lady Pub used to have them, but I think theirs used turkey bacon because the place was owned by a Muslim.

    2. Admittedly it's been awhile since I had 'em, but I don't think Scottish Arms uses bacon, just wraps 'em in the egg-shaped sausage "coat." Man, I wonder if we could triangulate the location of that building based on the Arch (or internet-find it based on the name of the business).

  2. In the upper pieces of the brain, the white issue is the focal center, encircled by dark issue. Marketing