Monday, October 7, 2013

St Peter & Paul Cemetery

Maria C Nicoletti
When we went to Old St Marcus a couple months ago, we had first stopped at St Peter & Paul on the other side of Loughborough. St Peter & Paul is HUGE, and they do not allow dogs, so we decided to save it for another day. In the few minutes we had wandered the back section, I noticed that they have a much higher than average number of ceramic memorials, which are one of my favorite things in a cemetery. I went back to do a portrait project of sorts, because I feel like having a picture really makes you think a little harder about who someone was. When I wander a cemetery, each memorial and monument I take note of feels like a small tribute, like each of those people was "remembered" that day. I hope that makes sense and that if anyone who comes across a family member in this blog entry will know that I share these with the utmost respect, and that I am including the names in the hopes that genealogy enthusiasts will have an easier time finding these photos in Google searches.

Carlo & Ernesta Puricelli
Guido, Rosa, Mario, and Mary Peoroli

Edward & Natalie Vermes

Maria & Joseph Crespi

Luigi Visconti

Dominic Amara
Venera Finocchiaro
Louis & Amelia Svedruzic
John & Mary Marigold (60 years a widow, can you believe that?)
Anna Dostal & Dr Hynek Dostal (also Sr M Emanuela and Bohumilh "Beau" Dostal on this marker)

Giuseppe & Filipa Tomarchio

Josef & Maria Krsul

Charles & Myrtle Colombo

Angelo & Giovannina Pastori
Peter & Regina Link

Pietro Cutelli & Vincenzo Campisi
(If you are curious, "OUI GIACE" means "Here Lies".)

Maria Agosti

John & Barbara Taetz

Joseph & Elizabeth Till

Angelina Maugeri

Cesare Barni 

Anna Marie Gamache
St Peter & Paul Cemetery is located at 7030 Gravois Avenue, St Louis, MO 63116. These photos were all taken in the old section along Loughborough Avenue. As always, if you have questions about the location of a particular grave, I encourage you to contact the cemetery office at the link above, and they will be far more helpful than I. Many thanks to my husband, who has far superior photo editing skills. If left to my own devices I would have tried this in MSPaint.


  1. Would it be cool of you saw your grandmother in her photos? I understand that this is a part of history but the blog author should consider not showing photos of those who have died in recent years(past twenty-five). I hope you enjoy your fascination at children/great-grandchildren seeing people they loved on your blog. I did not need the author to remember my loved one on this blog. Your "fascination" is the only person i counted on growing up.

  2. I explained my reasoning at the beginning of this post and said that I hope families find this to be respectful and that they feel like their loved one is remembered, and also to help with geneology research. I get emails constantly, asking me to locate local graves. No one said "fascinating" anywhere in the post or comments. If you don't agree that it is respectful and you would rather I remove a photo, all you have to do is ask.

  3. And to answer your question, yes, it would be cool if I saw that someone took note of my grandparents' markers. I'm sorry you don't agree.

  4. My grandmother would have found it very disrespectful to be showcased on a blog called Craves, Caves & Graves with advertisements on the side. She grew up during a time where privacy was honored and would not approve of being featured under your ads. Nor would she approve of seeing the photo of her beloved husband whom died of a painful cancer death (without complaining once) placed under your ads. Do you profit from these ads? Most importantly, she would not have wanted her great-grandchild (my teenage child) to be upset by finding her photo on this site tonight. My grandmother is remembered every day by her own family. There are plenty of sites that solely focus on genealogy. Maybe a good rule of thumb would be to at least have a twenty one year minimum after the death date so minors are not affected. My grandmother died less than ten years ago. Thank you for offering to remove the photos as I have had to remove tears of finding them on such a site tonight.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I couldn't read the dates on my phone so I was unsure as to which you were referring to until I got to a computer. I just wanted to say your grandmother was really lovely and I'm sorry to have upset you. This is truly the only time anyone has contacted me because they didn't like these posts. We're all just trying to learn here, honestly. I have removed it, and I think your 20 year rule of thumb is a good one and will pay more attention in the future.

  7. Thank you. I do understand that is is a learning time for all of us regarding and history and technology. It is an old cemetery and our family plots were bought in the early 1920's, so I can see how it might go unnoticed that she died in the mid 2000s. My great-aunt (the sister of my grandfather) is also on this site but she died almost one hundred years ago, and you are not the first to express interest in her grave, so I am fine with that given it is part history and there are no children actively mourning her.