Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bailey's Range

OK so my Disneyland post is turning into a tome and I need the weekend to finish. I still owe you #2 post for this week! Now, I've seen Bailey's Range recommended to tourists in the Downtown area for a long time, but I made the mistake of thinking, "Burgers and milkshakes, whatever. Maybe I'll post it at Eat-STL." WHATEVER! How wrong I was!

Set aside for a moment the delicious grass fed smoked beef patty with chipotle cashew butter, red onion, cilantro, fontina, and chipotle mayo (the Smoke Bomb burger, if you must know), and french fries with house pub cheese, and focus, if you will, on that milkshake. That is bacon standing up in that milkshake, my friends. Delicious candied bacon, with more delicious candied bacon bits floating in that salted caramel ice cream with Makers Mark. Boozy milkshakes are where it's at, amen. You will find Bailey's Range at the corner of Locust & 10th Street in Downtown St Louis.

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