Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Old St Marcus Cemetery Flag Emergency

We need to talk about this flag. I took Francis to Old St Marcus Park & Cemetery for the first time this past weekend, and the state of this flag is embarrassing. Had there been a rope to lower it, I think he would have pulled it down and buried it on the spot. This marker says, "This flag is dedicated to those that died for our country - Lester C Schlueter [edit: we think this may say Schlueter rather than Schmieter] Post 341 American Legion". We can't find a local post 341, but whoever is in charge of this flag should be ashamed. I pointed this out on the Great Rivers Greenway Facebook page, but I'm hoping someone who reads this blog may know how we can get this taken care of. This park may not see much traffic, but there is no excuse for this.

UPDATE: We got in touch with American Legion Post 341 here in St Louis and they said that the City of St Louis is responsible for flag maintenance. We are following a lead and will keep you posted!


  1. Beth, Will you give KSDK NewsChannel 5 permission to use your flag photo on our social media and on ksdk.com?

    1. Yes you may. Please credit the website or Beth Horton.