Monday, December 7, 2009

Highway 40 is open!

If you live in St Louis, you know we will use any excuse for a party, and that is why we had a party yesterday to celebrate the east end of 40 reopening, and we had a party last year to celebrate the west half. Out-of-towners are baffled at our wild celebration of an interstate, so I can't let this historic event pass without mention.

It seems like just last week hundreds of us were camped out with blankets and beers on the side of Highway 40, waiting for them to blow up the Tamm Ave overpass. Here's the video my friend Tim took.

Listen to the size of the crowd! That is how hundreds of people chose to spend a Friday night, and we waited at least two hours. I love this town.

So that was about 18 months ago. All told, Highway 40/Interstate 64 was closed to thru traffic in St Louis for about 23 months. They started reopening the ramps last night at 9pm. DEAR KSDK.COM: I HAD TO REMOVE ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS FROM THIS PAGE BECAUSE YOU HOLD ONTO THE ANTIQUATED NOTION THAT AUTOPLAY ANYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE ON THE INTERNET. PLEASE JOIN THIS DECADE AND STOP ASSAULTING PEOPLE WITH AUTOPLAY. I heard one report on the 5 o'clock news last night while I was decorating the Christmas tree, and my favorite part was when one lady said that she told her kid that some day he could tell people that he walked on the highway before it was open. For a minute I thought I was listing to The News From Lake Wobegon. That is why we say St Louis is a really big small town.

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  1. I'm so happy it's open, if only because people will stop driving through my neighborhood.