Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Weird Museums of the Internet

As I've been updating some old posts in the past few months, I realized it has been years since I last did a post about virtual museums. Once upon a time, just 5 years ago, a "Virtual Museum" was usually a list of html links, or a very basic site of poor design (Geocities or Angelfire, anyone?) The internet has come a long way since then, and become more accessible to more people, so now we have all manner of eccentric collections spread far and wide among blogs, Flickr galleries, and more professional websites. Here are some of my favorite recent finds. You can check out some of the past "virtual tours" at this link.

1. Gallery of Envelope Security Patterns - Yes, exactly that. High quality images of the patterns inside security envelopes. Personally, I'd never even considered that there is more than one pattern.

2. Floor Plans of TV Houses - I love projects like these. It's like it connects my job with pop culture. I could pour over these floor plans for days. You can order prints, too!

3. Gallery of American Motels - There are tons of awesome galleries on (remember The Gallery of Regrettable Foods? An internet classic!) This is not the only online collection of motel postcards, but it's the only one I've found that includes the messages people wrote on them.

4. International Toothpaste Museum - I really appreciate the detailed reviews here. You should learn something at a museum, don't you think?

5. Trailers From Hell - This site is just plain awesome! There are dozens if not hundreds (?) of movie trailers on this site. You can watch them with or without commentary, buy the movie posters and even the DVD, if available.

6. Library of Dust - This one is a fascinating project. This is a collection of photographs of copper cannisters that contain the cremains of patients of a state run psychiatric facility, which were never collected by their relatives. There's also a gallery of the asylum and objects found therein. Given the popularity of Glore Psychiatric Museum on this site, I figured this is one that many of you would be interested in.

7. Small Town Noir - "Small Time True Crime from New Castle, PA" features the mug shots and detailed stories of crooks of yesteryear. If you like, you'll like this blog.

8. Archive of Repurposed Joysticks - While I was compiling this list, I clicked on hundreds of links, and many times I thought, "What in the world?" I feel like I should let you figure this one out on your own. There are 100 joysticks.

9. The Book Inscriptions Project - One for my nerds! A gallery of found notes written inside books. This site was looking for a new guardian as of March 2013. Maybe that is you?

10. The Ephemera of Dick Sheaf - I'm with Dick, I love ephemera. Here you will learn about all kinds of things you didn't know were a thing (Typotecture) or appreciate until now (People Holding Fish). Also see The Ephemera Society of America.

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