Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mystery! Segen Blessing?

If you are a long time reader of the blog, you may remember that I mentioned these hanging figures way back in 2009 when we went to Hermann Wurstfest (more pictures at that link). I was never able to find out what they are called, so when we passed through Hermann yesterday, I insisted we stop at Hermannhof  to ask questions. One of the girls working in the tasting room said that a German woman had been through not too long ago, and said that these are not shop signs, as they previously thought, but are actually for hanging over your dining table in your house. She said they were called "segen blessings", but Google is telling me that "segen" basically means "blessing" or "God's blessing", so it's possible that this redundancy was a miscommunication.

In any case, we have a little more information now, and are a little bit closer to finding an answer, and it's KILLING ME. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I can't find ANYTHING on the webs about segen wood carvings or something like this that would hang over a table. The lady said that it did have to do with the occupation of the homeowner, and my overall impression is that this is a kind of German house sprite, or something along those lines.

Pooling resources to solve mysteries is one of my favorite things about the internet, so if have something you've always wondered about, leave me a comment and maybe I'll make Monday Mystery a regular feature.

EDIT: We did get an answer to this thanks to Reddit! They are called Lüsterweibchen and Lüstermännchen!


  1. Send a link to all of our German family members on facebook, and see what they know?

  2. hi there from austria, i am dealer and found your blog,
    i have several of this chandeliers here in stock, but only originals from the 18th and 19th century
    these seems 20th century carvings, and that what the lady say to you is not really true !
    segen blessings......... Nonswer, she has not a knowledge
    these has been carved especially in austria and southgermany, for restaurants, especially made as
    " regulars" table, after the sunday church going.
    mostly you can find them still here in austria in old guesthouses and hotels
    if you need any more pics welcome

    But with blessings it has nothing to do ;)
    the barrel they use still here for grog

    regards from austria