Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fabulous Carpet of the Fox Theater

I'm swapping the Tuesday and Thursday posts this week so I have more time to put together the City Museum post. Here is one of my all time favorite items of St Louis trivia: No matter where you go in the Fox Theater, all the elephant trunks in the carpet pattern point toward the stage. This a hallway leading off one of the spiral staircases, and is one of the most impressive installations I've ever seen. It was installed by Stephens Floor Covering back in the 1980s and is a custom Axminster imported from Europe.

Here is your annual reminder to take the Fox Tour! Summer is the best time to do it so you can go backstage. There are no shows on the calendar for the rest of June, July, and August, so make a date for a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday tour at 10:30 am!


  1. What does that mean, "all the elephant trunks in the carpet pattern point toward the stage"? I don't see how that works. How would they all point to the stage when they all are fairly random, cause I can see a few pointing in different directions than others.

  2. I think you must be looking at some swirls that are not actually elephant trunks, because all the trunks in this photo are pointed toward the stage. The elephants do not point in random directions in this pattern.

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