Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greater St Louis Fish Fry Map 2015

The BEST and dare I say ORIGINAL Fish Fry Map is updated for 2015! All I'm going to say is, I started this because there was no site on the internet that compiled all the fish frys in one place. I'm sure there will be a lot of them this year, because ours is super popular. I skimmed all the parish websites and bulletins for the latest details, but it's certainly possible that I missed some! If you would like your Fish Fry included, please comment with dates, times, and, if possible, a menu!

A note on dates: For the purposes of the blog, Lent is from Ash Wednesday (2/18) until Maundy Thursday (4/2). All Fridays of Lent means 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, and 3/27. Good Friday is noted separately from "All Fridays of Lent".


Ash Wednesday Fry:  Epiphany, Immaculate Conception (Maplewood), Our Lady of Lourdes (Washington), Our Lady of Sorrows, Seven Holy Founders, St Alban Roe, St Francis of Assisi , St James the Greater, St Joseph (Clayton), St Joseph (Cottleville), St Michaels (Shrewsbury), St Stephen Protomartyr, St George

ALL THE FRIDAYS (including Good Friday): Immaculate Conception (Maplewood), Most Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady Queen of Peace (House Springs), Seven Holy Founders, St Francis of Assisi, St Gabriel, St George, St Mary Magdalen (Both Brentwood and South St Louis)

"The Mexican Fish Fry" - St Cecilia in South St Louis is probably the one you heard about. Be prepared to stand in line for an hour ORRRRRR MAKE A RESERVATION! Be sure to check out that VIP table option!

Polish Fish: This year St Agatha doesn't have many details other that "All Fridays of Lent". If anyone finds more details, send them my way!

Beer Fish Catholics (there are many kinds of Catholic parishes, and the kind with beer at their fish fry are my people) : Annunciation (Webster Groves), Christ Prince of Peace,
Immaculate Conception (Maplewood), Immaculate Heart of Mary (New Melle), Little Flower, Seven Holy Founders, St Agatha, St Francis of Assisi, St Gerard Majella, St James the Greater, St Joseph (Farmington), St Mary Magdalen (Brentwood), St Pius V, St Stephen Protomartyr

All You Can Eat - Immaculate Conception (O'Fallon), Most Sacred Heart (need reservation), St Joseph (Farmington), Knights of Columbus (Bloomsdale), Church of the Shepherd (St Charles), St Patrick

Year Round Fish Fry: St Ferdinand in Florissant. They have been raising money by frying fish for over 60 years!

Fish Fry I Would Travel For: St Joseph in Farmington. For one, it's all you can eat. For two, they have a different specialty side every week, and I am a sucker for fried okra.

The Best Blog For St Louis Fish Fry Reviews:  Look, I can't get to all of them, I just give you a list. When I am looking for a review, I go to Friday Night Fish.

It takes 15-20 hours to put this map together, and the average church website is blinding in its design. Please do me a solid and link to the website rather than the map when you share with your friends and family! Also, if your church has any vendor fairs during the year, I’d love to join you with Jewelscent and handmade products!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Scenes From Citygarden

Inspired by others' 12 month landscape projects on Instagram, I decided to take on a 12 month project of my own for 2014. I didn't want to take 12 pictures of the same thing, but I wanted it to be something I really love about St Louis, and Citygarden fits the bill. I love downtown St Louis, and I love that this sculpture park exists in the middle of high rises, and I love how the food trucks gather here at lunch time, encouraging people to come out of their offices. So I will be "bumping" this post to the top every month with a new feature on a Citygarden sculpture.

January - Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels by Jim Dine
The other reason I chose Citygarden is because this project will be replacing a post I did a few years ago that may have been my only post in the history of this site about something that I didn't like. And even though I mentioned that the event was not what I hoped it would be, I turned it into a positive and talked about Citygarden instead. The head of the company that runs the event I mentioned emailed me a long time ago with the worst non-apology I've ever received, asking me to remove my post simply because it hurt their Google search results. I refused out of spite.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

STL250 Cakeway to the West, Part 23

I still might try to get ALL the cakes, but the important thing is that I got my 250 today! Click the STL250 Cakes tab at the top of the page to see them all!

Ameristar Casino
August A Busch Memorial Conservation Area
Centennial Greenway/KATY Trail
Fort Zumwalt Park
Historic Daniel Boone Home
Mount Pleasant Estates
Sappington House
St Charles County Heritage Museum
Warren County Courthouse
Washington Historical Society
Columbia Bottoms
Greenville Public Library
Our Lady of the Rivers
St Louis Science Center
Taille de Noyer
West Alton Memorial Park