Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silver Ballroom Pinball Bar

This is one I've been meaning to get to for a long time, but we go there with drinking in mind, not blogging, which means we usually only have cellphone cameras. This past weekend I happened to have my new Sony Cybershot in my purse, and I had just learned that G+ supports panoramic photos and that my new camera has panorama mode.

Without further ado, the Top Ten Reasons the Silver Ballroom is our favorite bar:

10. They bought up a lot of the fixtures from the Hi Pointe (RIP), so I pretend I'm 23 again when I sit in the glittery silver booths.

9. The best punk rock jukebox in the St Louis area. No internet jukebox here. Don't even suggest it.

8. Owners Steve and Shelly Dachroeden are the nicest people around - the kind of people who never meet a stranger. Their families are pretty awesome, too.

7. Justin Deming, wrestling fan extraordinaire, and our favorite bartender. Sorry for the cell phone photo, but having a fan shirt of your favorite bartender cannot be left out. He is internet famous for that WWF championship belt tattoo.

6. You may, at any time, be standing in line for the bathroom with a famous musician. This happened to Francis (it was Wes Scantlin).

5. 18 pinball machines, which Steve has to fix on a daily basis. FOR YOU.

4. The bar is covered in flyers from shows, which is a fun little nostalgia trip if you are an old punk, and something interesting to look at if you're by yourself.

3.Aussie meat pies! I don't know of anywhere else in town you can get them. I have eaten many.

2. Silver Ballroom loves the ladies. Yes, that is a Bath and Body Works lotion dispenser, and the smells change seasonally.

1. Francis and I went here the night he got home from Iraq (and the next night, too, I think), and was the site of so many nightcaps that I kind of strongly suggested he propose there, and he did. So, maybe we are a little biased.

The Silver Ballroom is located at 4701 Morgan Ford in St Louis, MO. Follow them on Facebook for special events, tournaments, and cook-offs! Note: smoking is still allowed inside this bar.


  1. I totally agree. One of the best bars I've ever been too. And yes the owners are fab-fabulous.

  2. Love that place...the fact that it's within stumbling distance makes it even better...great bar, awesome people and I love the very old free machines