Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking the Tuberculosis Cure At Lemp Mansion

There are a few blogs from the early days, before I married a photojournalist and learned to be more thoughtful about my snaps, that are downright embarrassing. This was one of them. For the record, our FIRST visit to Lemp Mansion's Sunday Chicken Dinner was on 10/31/10. We were not molested by any ghosts (though I did report a cold spot in the dining room). We also spent the night in November of 2013, which you can read about here. Also no ghostly encounters, but we did discover the secret of the Elsa Lemp Suite!

Over on Facebook, I promised to update this blog with a fresh report on Sunday Chicken Dinner, which is one of my favorite St Louis things. First of all, their fried chicken is the best. I am really hard to impress when it comes to chicken, and it is always my last choice at restaurants. Lemp fried chicken is amazing. Second, Sundays are fall you can eat served family style, which means they bring all this food to your table and refill your dishes as much as you want for ~$17 per person. This is why we said we were taking the tuberculosis cure, because as we have learned at Enos Sanitarium, back in the day they thought the cure for tuberculosis was plenty of rich food and fresh air.

In the original Lemp blog, I had reported a geocache on the site, but we didn't check to see if it is still there. They do have a STL250 Cakeway to the West cake, though, and what a lovely cake it is! I was so impressed that they built their cake a platform, and have a nice sign talking about how honored they are to have a Cake. Well done, Lemp Mansion!

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