Monday, July 14, 2014

Annapolis: The Naval Academy

I am a proud Soldier who yearly suffers the anguish of the Army/Navy football game. That didn't stop me from checking out some history in the Naval Academy of Annapolis. My love for military history will always outweigh any service specific rivalry.

To be accepted into the Naval Academy, you have to have a letter of recommendation from a Senator, Congressman, Vice President or President. Or you could be the child of a Medal of Honor winner. It's prestigious for a reason.

The Seabees are Naval combat engineers. Best people you could ask for the build an airstrip on a far flung island while being shot at.

Many of the Alumni from the Naval Academy have gone on to do great things. The Academy has produced more astronauts than any other institute in the world.

All over the grounds you can see the differences in architecture throughout the ages. The Naval Academy was founded in 1845, and has been expanding and changing ever since. This building is a fitness center, and it's not the only one.

The motto of the Academy translates to "From Knowledge, sea power"

While there is a full museum on the grounds (which will be covered later), the admissions area gives a taste of the artifacts and history they have at the Academy.

While the Academy is always teaching and molding the leaders of tomorrow, you can walk onto the grounds as long as you have a government issued ID and can make it through a metal detector. The hours during the summer are 9AM to 5PM and in the winter, closes at four. No charge for admissions.

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