Tuesday, April 8, 2014

STL250 Cakeway to the West, Part 1

Have you seen the STL250 Cakeway to the West art installation popping up all over St Louis? It's St Louis's 250th birthday in 2014, and we're celebrating all year long! There's a cake right down the street from my house, at the Carondelet Historical Society, which is in the old Des Peres School, where Susan Blow started the very first kindergarten in the United States. Our house is on the old Blow farm. 

Carondelet Historical Society
Carondelet Park
If you have known me for any length of time, you know I am obsessed with lists and collecting, especially a list I can cross off by collecting things. As of this typing there are 212 cakes, and you can find a current and printable list at stl250.org. I'm determined that this blog will showcase all the cakes by the end of the year.

Peabody Opera House
Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing
Lewis & Clark Boat House & Nature Center
Le Grange de Terre (Big Mound) Memorial
Q: What is Le Grange de Terre? A: Click here!
Magic House 
For more on the Magic House, click here!
Mastodon State Historic Site
More on Mastodon State Park here!
Saint Rose Philippine Duschene
Old Post Office
Learn more about the Old Post Office here!

For more Cakeway to the West posts, check out the STL250 Cakes tab at the top of the page.

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