Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thomas Howell Cemetery

If you're a St. Louis native and asked the "Where did you go to high school" question from anyone who grew up out west, you've probably heard the name Francis Howell. The Howell family traces back from Whales, before there was a United States of America, but still plenty of new land to discover. The family traveled down from the east coast and settled just south of the Missouri river.

There are a few families with a number of plots. The Bowman family has nine, though Archie has the most impressive. The inscription reads: Died of wounds received while serving in France November 17, 1918. Body brought back April 10th, 1921. He gave his all for democracy.

The cemetery is also next to the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail, so you can make a day of visiting both sites. The Weldon Spring training area is currently used by the Army Reserve, but in past days the area use used for TNT and atomic processing. Hence why there is now a giant nuclear waste dump nearby.

The Thomas Howell cemetery is located on Highway 94 about two miles from I-64. There's a small parking lot in the front for visitors.

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