Thursday, December 19, 2013

River City Casino Gingerbread House

Special request this year! We talked about dining in the gingerbread house last year but couldn't get a reservation. Jolena reminded me this year, and I requested that Francis set up a date. Monday was the only night we could get, so if you find there are no more reservations to be had this year, I'll remind you next year!

Lewy Nine's Cafe at River City Casino is the host, and you have to call them directly (314-388-7625) to get a reservation for the gingerbread house. The reservation fee is $20 and 100% of that goes to Center for Hearing and Speech. The house seats four and has a special Gingerbread House Menu, or you can order off the regular menu.

I let out a tiny screech when I saw they have a lobster roll on the regular menu! I have been talking about my lobster roll craving for at least a month, and it's not an easy thing to find in St Louis. I know you will tell me Broadway Oyster Bar, but I am telling you, forget it and forget Yelp, Lewy Nine's lobster roll is AMAZING. It's not just a roll, it's like a tiny loaf of fried Hawaiian bread. Holy moly.

Francis got the prime rib. It's a $17 casino prime rib, which is to say, it's fine. I loved that you get a white tablecloth, real silverware, and electric candles on the table when you dine at the gingerbread house. The service was excellent and I think we will be eating at Lewy Nine's more often than the Great Food Exposition in the future. Worth noting: all the restaurants at River City Casino are above average, and they just opened a brand new hotel there!

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